Decorate your very own Christmas tree!
Discover hidden ornaments in our e-shop to receive an instant discount on the selected items, and don`t forget to add a bauble to your Christmas tree.
For a precisely decorated tree, you may win one of three excellent gifts.

Winners of the main prize

Date Name
11.1.2024 Екатерина Эдуардовна Слесарева RUS
11.1.2024 Айна Сагатдиновна Каракулова KAZ

How to compete

1) Every day a particular product will feature one of the 30 ornaments.

2) To decorate the tree, find it and mark it in "Mark the ornament" area.

3) Every day - one correctly marked ornament = properly decorated tree = a chance to win.

Mark the ornament

We will hide one ornament for you each day in the e-shop. Find it and choose the appropriate one from the list below. The Christmas tree will be gradually decorated as a result. Make sure you always mark the appropriate ornament. Only one adequate decoration each day may be used to decorate the tree. Select between the 1st to the 24th of December 2023.



The evaluation is due January 3, 2024. Only ESSENS Club members who have enrolled, competed daily and correctly marked the Christmas decoration each day will be chosen as winners.

Detailed competition rules

• The contest is open only to ESSENS Club members.

• One ornament needs to be found every day.

• Every day, the individual ornaments are hidden under a different product.

• The discovered ornament must be marked properly on the competition page.

• It is possible to choose a different ornament the same day if you unintentionally choose the incorrect one. This modification will not be possible the next day.

• Participation on all competition days (December 1, 2023, through December 24, 2023) entitles you to compete for the grand prize.

• The individual who finds and accurately marks the decoration throughout every day of the competition, has an opportunity to win.

• On January 3, 2024, the competition will be evaluated. The winners will be notified by email and will appear on social media and in the ESSENS News.

• The rewards will be included in the package with the winner’s subsequent transaction.

* ESSENS reserves the right to make changes.