Time to elevate your Christmas spirit with the help of these stunning candles. When one enjoys the scent, others appreciate the delicate design. Great as a Christmas gift. 

ESSENS handmade candles contain only natural vegan ingredients, led by soy wax, supplemented with certified palm wax from plantations grown for this purpose only. This special wax mixture burns cleaner and slower, which significantly extends the burning time for up to 50 hours. The fragrance component is provided by natural essential oils in such a ratio that the resulting scent is pleasant and non-irritating. The wooden wick enables the optimal release of a pleasant scent into the air and, thanks to the effect of a crackling fire in the fireplace, evokes a relaxing atmosphere.

ESSENS Slow Living Candle Daydream - 240g
The handmade candle with the scent of Litsea Cubeba will awaken all your senses with its distinctive citrus scent. It has antidepressant effects and helps to evoke a feeling of good mood. It harmonises the mind, charges energy, promotes concentration and can also act as an aphrodisiac.

ESSENS Slow Living Candle Euphoria - 240g
The handmade candle with the scent of orange and vanilla encourages a delicate clean scent and at the same time evokes a relaxed atmosphere. It effectively counteracts fatigue, recharges new energy, promotes mental freshness, activates thinking and stimulates the senses.