Are you looking forward to it? We do, and because of that, we are already coming up with a Christmas offer. From the very beginning, we picked some lovely pieces for you that were combined into affordable sets. Prepare for the most beautiful time of the year in advance to enjoy a peaceful Advent. We believe that you will enjoy yet another enchanted and fragrant Christmas..

Christmas present tips

Beard care set

17 480,00 Ft

MHE Glam Set

29 710,00 Ft

MHE Elegant Set

24 860,00 Ft

MHE Novelty Set

14 020,00 Ft

Aloe Vera Set

11 660,00 Ft

MHE Beauty Set

18 980,00 Ft

Face Care Set

13 990,00 Ft

MHE Party Set

25 400,00 Ft

Slow Living Set

22 910,00 Ft

Sun Care Set

16 190,00 Ft


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